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"Afghanistan’s turbulent history has been shaped by decades of internal conflict and extreme natural disasters, especially drought. The people of the war-torn county struggle with extreme poverty. Combined with dangerous security issues, the country is considered to be among the most dangerous places for children to be born"  Save The Children

The harm inflicted by  decades of war on the people and the country of Afghanistan have been cumulative. Hard statistics are difficult to find, and many of the available data are estimates. During the decade of war following the Soviet invasion in 1979, Afghanistan lost an estimated 1.8 million killed, 1.5 million disabled (among whom were more than 300,000 children), and there were 7.5 million refugees. More than 14,000 villages also were destroyed.[1] During the present war launched by the US against Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, estimates are that over 100,000 Afghans have lost their lives and many have been disabled.

The total number of children killed is not known. But, with a population where close to 50% are under the age of 20, the losses among the children can be reasonably assumed to be proportionate to the age distribution of the population. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), about 235,000 are displaced.

Approximately 78% of Afghans live in rural villages. Families are large, with many children and extended relations. The accumulated body of information about the fate of the Afghan children provides prima facie evidence that they have experienced more dramatic harm than most in recent conflicts. During the 1980s, as part of the Soviet campaign to drive out the rural population, children were specifically targeted. Soviet forces kidnapped an estimated 50,000 Afghan children from villages, orphanages, and city streets in an effort to indoctrinate them in Communist ideology and use them to form militias. Soviet aircraft also dropped a variety of “toy” bombs on Afghan villages and rural fields — mines and bombs made to look like toys — which maimed many children.

Ariana television reported several times that children were sold for food by their families in the north during the 2007 drought. They have been put to work at young ages, with some 60,000 working on the streets of Kabul in 2009 and denied schooling.

Meanwhile, as many as six million Afghan children are acutely vulnerable. They are not attending school. They are searching for work on urban streets and in fields. And they are at risk of exploitation, poor health, severe injury, and needless death. They are the tragic victims of war in a society whose institutional support systems had been weak or nonexistent prior to the outbreak of conflict 30 years ago, and which have been nearly impossible to rebuild since. A society where the traditional social networking and customs once offered protection has all but disintegrated. Peace is the first prerequisite for the long and arduous task of rescuing Afghanistan’s children from this tragic plight.


Childrens book

Our aim is all children

have access to books and can discover the joy of

reading. We provide book access to support

kindergarten readiness and on-grade level reading to

families, schools, and other

community-based organizations.


Children Rights 

Afghanistan,s Children is the most  vulnerable

part of the society, at the same time they are the hope for the future of this country, 
They need to live at least a normal life withought violance, abuse and fear.
we work to be the voice of this silent part of the society in this country.

What we do,


Play & Practice

Its clear that kids learn better from kids, through this program we will get togather children to for a face  to face play and practice to learn and develop in a betterand intresting way.


Childrens Programs 


Kodakana will come up with verity of programs for children and thier families.


Translation & illstration

We at Kodakana want to bring togather cultures through children books by translating books for kids.

Our translation team will provide children books from any other lunguage into demanded lunguages.


Special kids


Every child is different, and so is every parent's experience;

We provide books, learning materials and information for families with special kids

for mor information please contact us

Our Events

Children Rights awarness program


This program has been implemented by the Kodakna Organization for Police and Ministry of interior of Afghanistan. 

Through this awarness program the Afghan police and got information about international childrens Rights convintion and how to apply this right during thier duty about children. 

Children Rights awarness program


This program has been implemented by the Kodakna Organization for Children and  staff  at Ashiana children compound in Kabul.

Through this awarness program the Children  got information about  thier  Rights and government responsibality about children.

Children book program


 Through this program about thousends children books has been distributed to Afghan childrens in schools, orphnagies and refugies cumps. The kodakana book got a very succesfull welcoming of all those who recieved the books and even those who got to know about this program become so intrested to this support continues.